3DVT’s mobile-focused technology of capturing and applying user-generated 3D and VR3D content has applications that extend far beyond entertainment, into every part of our communities, and across many verticals.

Our 3D technology can be applied and scaled to the following sectors:

  • Social Media
  • Printing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Drones and Wearable Cameras
  • Education
  • Video Games
  • Convert 2D video games to autostereo 3D and 3DVR.
  • Scan your face, create your own 3D Avatar, and be a part of the game!

3D Printing

Consumer 3D printing is happening. Scanners are generating 3D models for viewing on mobile devices. 3DVT enables 3D capture and viewing in 3D on conventional mobile devices.

Next generation technology will enable anyone with a smartphone to scan and print in 3D by reconstructing 3D geometry, facial mapping, and texture filling in real-time, without the need for cloud processing.


3DVT has mastered the art of mapping 2D images and extracting 3D depth data directly on the mobile device.

We’re bringing a new dimension to smartphone photography by enabling phones, tablets, even drones and wearable cameras, to capture photos from their 2D camera, or import from their library, to recreate in 3D for viewing autostereoscopically, in VR3D formats, or printable format.

Social Media

3DVT technology enables consumers to personalize and create their own digital identity through their social media by turning any portrait photo into a customizable 3D avatar.

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