WhooshVR™ Technology

3DVT has developed several VR technologies for real-time applications on mobile devices. We enable mobile devices to recreate 2D images captured through the camera, or imported to the device, in 3D, without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing

We offer the most user-friendly and advanced on-device processing of 2D-to-3D photo and video conversion technology for social media and video game applications in the market today. Our proprietary portfolio of mobile device-optimized 2D-to-3D VR solutions are proprietary, patented and patent pending. They include:

All applications are processed directly on the mobile device and available for iOS and Android devices.

3DVT tackles the issue of enabling user-generated mobile VR content "in 3D", thus shifting consumers from the limitations of being "content customers" to the freedom of becoming "content creators".

Our solutions are available within the WhooshVR™ app or iOS and Android devices.

3D Face Capture

3DVT has created a 3D face scanning solution for smart phones and tablets. 3D depth analysis and modeling is processed directly on the device without specialized hardware.

The device-processed data can be applied to virtual experiences and physical products from personalized Avatars, video gaming, VR, AR, and even 3D printing.

Our proprietary portfolio of mobile device-optimized 2D-to-3D-to-VR solutions are proprietary, patented, and patent pending.

3D Photo Capture

Using a steady hand to capture a picture on your phone, WhooshVR™ takes three-dimensional photos for viewing in a VR format without the complications of other apps.

3DVT offers computational photography abilities including depth adjustment.

3DVR photos can be edited with filters and overlays, shared, and even printed in 3D using an inkjet or mobile phone printer.

3DVR photos are stored in the device’s photo library for viewing using a cardboard viewer, or other VR headsets.

2D to 3DVR Video Conversion In Real-Time.

3DVT’s next generation of technology enables conversion of 2D video to 3DVR format, providing full tilt-view experiences comparable to spherical content.

Saved or as a continuous online video stream is processed immediately.

3DVT offers computational videography abilities including depth adjustment.

SDK for 2D-to-3D-to-VR Video Game Conversion.

WhooshVR™ has developed a 2D-to- 3D-to-VR conversion SDK for 2D video games.

This is in line with our vision and efforts to bring 3DVR and glasses-free 3D to the masses, thus expanding the quantity of 3D content and broadening consumer adoption of 3D games.

Our 3D Game Converter is aimed at game developers using the Unity3D platform, and is anticipated to open opportunities for 3DVR and glasses-free 3D gaming content for use with conventional 2D mobile devices, simply by using a VR headset or our Whoosh3D® 3D-enabled screen protector for conventional 2D smart phones and tablets.

Our app is designed for the game developer community and offers them the opportunity to easily convert their 2D games to 3DVR and autostereoscopic 3D formats.

3D mobile gaming is a tremendous market with incredible growth.

Rectilinear Conversion:

Powerful rectilinear conversion algorithms have been developed for capturing spherical images as projections of mapping a 3D world onto a 2D plane.

The WhooshVR™ Viewer
The Most Innovative Variation Of The Cardboard Viewer.

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